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This page honors the many volunteers of Mustard Seed who dedicate themselves to serving and uplifting the most vulnerable members of society.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. With your generosity and spirit, we have filled and shipped many containers with clothing, appliances, tools, furniture, toys and other items to help our adopted children in Jamaica. In 2007, we again helped to meet the needs of our 350 handicapped children. The container arrived at the St. Francis By The Sea parking lot on Ash Wednesday, and was filled and shipped within three weeks! For further information, please contact Joan Carey (757-5610) or Jim Hyland (363-5533).

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The Children of Mustard Seed Community, Jamaica

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To view a short music video of Mustard Seed Communities, Jamaica please click here. (Poetry writing and narration by Bobby Lee. To view the poetry text, please click here)

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Bless The Children

Have you ever sat back, and thought for a minute,
How to serve the world; and the people in it?
There is much we can do, for brothers and sisters in need,
There is much we can do, for the children of Mustard Seed.
Bless The Children.
They did not choose the life they live,
They never asked for others to give.
But yet they are thankful, to be alive,
Sometimes with no one, sitting by their side. 
Bless The Children.
Just looking at them, humbles us all.
It helps to pick us up, whenever we fall.
They cherish each day, as if itís their last,
Accepting their fate, never dwelling upon the past.
Bless The Children.
Should we feel helpless, what can we do?
Can money and clothing make us feel true?
Perhaps there is more, not just to speak of,
There is no greater power, than the power of love.
Bless The Children.
As you listen to this verse, put your love to the test,
Donít turn away, like a lot of the rest.
It is impossible to know, what these children will face,
But sharing your love, is spreading Godís Grace.
Bless The Children.
Written by Bobby Lee, 2006